Friday, June 4, 2010

Bullet by Laruell K Hamilton

Where to begin... Guess I could start with the rating. Fucking Awful. I want my damned money and the time I spent reading this flaming hunk of crap back. I'm fairly sure even those who pirated Bullet want a refund after reading it. Honestly, they deserve one.

This will be the last time I review a LKH book. I really don't think I could stomach another. Once upon a time, she used to write books that a nicely convoluted plot, plenty of action, characters and a world that had depth, grew, and held your interest. In Bullet, you get none of the above. Most of the unapologetic porn that I've read was better written.

Ah, fuck it. This complete waste of paper doesn't even deserve the words it would take to tell you all why it was so pathetically terrible. The only thing I have left to say on it is that her editor needs to either be given the authority to tell her she's writing complete shit and to fix it or needs to be fired for not doing his or her job at all. Anything as bad as Bullet shouldn't have made it to print no matter how much clout the author has with her publisher.

You owe me $38 for Flirt and Bullet, Hamilton, and you're getting off easy in that I'm not asking for pain and suffering money too.

~The Mighty Buzzard


Tiffany @ KindleVixen said...

ha. perfect.

Katiebabs/ KB said...

$38? Ouch!

I gave up 10 books ago.

JonathanDP said...

I still remember discovering Anita Blake after picking up a complete set of paperbacks up to "Narcissus in Chains" on eBay nearly a decade ago. It was my introduction to urban fantasy and I loved them. I marathon read the entire series up to last volume, which introduced the whole damn ardeur nonsense. Somehow I never got around to picking up any more of the series and now never intend to. While I agree with LKH's bleating that she can write whatever she wants, but she had the Merry Gentry series for her to write her weird porn. Why oh why couldn't she have given Anita the decency of an honorable retirement?

Pamela "SpazP" said...

The more time that passes after reading it, the more I agree. I can't totally say I won't read the next book, I probably will because I'm hopeless, but I will never buy the book again. #19 is where my collection stops.

jaymzangel said...

I loved this series up until I threw Narcissus in Chains at the wall. LKH ruined Anita & the entire series. I have never read another book of hers since.

Chotti said...

I never really liked Anita (I hated Guilty Pleasures), but did enjoy Cerulean Sins. I've given up on the books, but the reviews never cease to make me want to read them for the lols.