Friday, March 5, 2010

Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison

I've been trying to work up a good review of this book since it came out but until today I couldn't find enough words to justify posting them. The short version is Black Magic Sanction is precisely what I've come to expect from a Kim Harrison(a.k.a. Dawn Cook), Hollows book and I dug the complete hell out of it. It's always hard for me to describe something that wasn't surprising but since none of you knew what I expected, I'll go through the list and call it an entry.

I always assume a new Hollows novel will have outstanding character development, though not necessarily equally to all characters of course. I wasn't let down this time. Pierce, Nick, Jenks, and of course Rachel were all heavily developed. Ivy, Trent, and the rest were also clarified but to a lesser degree. Algaliarept got more development and play than I expected but not as much as I'd hoped.

I expect a certain amount of gratuitous violence, plenty of witty dialog, some sort of romance angle, and each book to be, at least to some degree, better written than the last. Expectations filled on all counts.

I also expect a far from trivial but not overly convoluted plot and I expect this to make the book last longer than I expect. In a yay-it's-not-over-yet way, mind you. I have no idea how I can expect that she'll always have two or three more plot twists than I expect. I have no idea how that even makes sense but I've learned not to argue with my brain unless I know I can win.

Lastly, I expect that a couple things that Rachel does in every book will leave me absolutely dumbfounded. Even being able to read every thought she's had along the way to understand her motivation, they still make absolutely no sense to me. I chalk this up to the whole Mars/Venus thing1 though and go on my merry way.

~The Mighty Buzzard

1 I reserve the right to occasionally think that women are insane. I acknowledge that by reserving this right I give up the right to be offended that women occasionally think men, and the subset of men that is me, are slow, dense, unobservant, insensitive, clueless, downright stupid, or synonym of your choice. I think it's a fair trade.


Kindle Vixen said...

LMAO! I agree with you on Rachel and the dumb things. I haven't read this one yet since the pubs are dicking around and waiting to put out the kindle version. I am waiting not so patiently for a friend to lend me her copy.

The Mighty Buzzard said...

Yup, rampant asshattery in the publishing business. Between that and them jacking prices up $2-4 a pop on amazon, when they should be figuring out how to lower them, I've lost all faith in them having a clue how to make money.

If I had stock in them, I'd short it. If I were amazon I would have stuck to my guns and pulled every book by them until they not only gave up that ridiculous demand but lowered prices to boot. The publishers are the ones treading water while surrounded by sharks, not amazon, not the consumers, and not the authors.

Kindle Vixen said...

yep, they are surely stupid beyond to compare to not get what is going on. I would have bought the book (preordered) and had it on release day. I would have gladly paid $10 to "least it" because Harrison is one of my must buy authors. Instead I am now borrowing it from a friend and they lost the sale entirely.

Amazon caving pissed me off entirely... they had the buying power to make a stand and pussied out. lame!